Friday, May 13, 2005

A Little Toilet Humor

Can this cause a shy bladder? Posted by Hello

So I had to get a drug test for the new job. And there's this time frame they give you, three days from the day you receive the packet with your acceptance, so that day was Monday (I didn't count Monday, I didn't get it till like 7:30 at night because). So I tried Wed. to go, well the center had moved and I couldn't find it. So it was Thursday, I HAD to get the damn test.

So I got up and started drinking water, I had two enormous glasses. Off to the place by 9:30, that's when the testing could begin. In by 9:40, and it happened. My bladder was shy (or stressed, don't know which) but I couldn't fill the damn cup. Soon the lady is knocking on the door telling me my time is up. But I didn't have enough, barely any. So out I came with my pathetic offering. I would have to try again. There was a water fountain in the lobby. So I gulped, and gulped and gulped some more. For almost 10 minutes. With each mouth-full of water I thought of running water, babbling brooks, waterfalls. And then I drank some more. The old lady in the waiting room must have thought I was nuts, well she was looking at me that way. So at 10:10 I'm back in the bathroom. I BARELY make the line. Where all this water I have been drinking has gone to is beyond me.

Off to work I go and half way there, I have to pee. And for the rest of the day, I was running to the bathroom. Bladder wasn't shy there, obviously it feels comfortable there.

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Anonymous said...

haha heee heee because you HAVE to do it is why you CAN'T do it... I liked this description, Sarah! drip drip splish splash whooshhh!