Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No News, Not Good News

Wow. I can't believe I am still unemployed.

I never thought it would take so long. Thank goodness I have my volunteer work at the church to keep my mind sharp. I have had the opportunity to write a good number of items in the past few months and participated in meetings and even town hall meetings.

I can't believe how some employers are using this opportunity to put potential employees through an awful ringer, making people bow down and kiss their toes and reminding us again and again that you are so lucky they are even spending a moment with you.

I am a fair person. I want to work hard and be paid a fair wage and be treated with a little dignity along the way. Is that a huge order? I don't think so.

Why must the first question be about money? Forcing me to show you my hand, but then refusing - REFUSING - to show me anything of yours. Not letting me tell you that I am more flexible. Not telling you that you DIDN'T get the job after an interview. I'd take a computer generated e-mail.

But at least this time really shows the true nature of a business and helps me to know where to try to get a job in the future.

I'm sure my job is around the corner. I have faith. And I am lucky to have to many great family members and friends who care about me and lift my spirits when I need it.


Karen said...

I love you sis and hang in there, I'm sure your job is right around the corner like you said. Also be thankful that you do have your faith. Just think of the many people who do not believe in God and how really screwed up their life must be:)
Miss you lots and hope to see you soon!

wiredogs said...

I'm thinking of you, Sarah (and I'll probably be joining you, in a matter of speaking). You're correct in that people should be treated with decency, fairness and transparency. Nothing less should be tolerated. I'd like to think that employers who try to make the most of the current economic climate to act in sadistic ways will be rewarded. Maybe not right away, but in the future. There's always that thought...