Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Who Haven't I Told?

I'm getting to understand that you need to tell EVERYONE you know that you are unemployed and tell them what kind of job you are looking for. Because you never know who will be talking to a recruiter, business owner or contact who knows about a possible job. Infact, I am thinking about printing resumes for all my family and friends to tote around in case they need to hand it out. (Ok maybe I jest slightly - but only slightly.)

Today my Dad was at a job fair recruiting for workers and he happened to be next to a booth with a recruiter from a large local company. He was kind enough to chat about my and my situation. Next thing I know I have a contact at a company I would love to work for and he has my resume.

So incase you are out and about in the Tampa Bay area and someone is looking for a communications, public relations, marketing, events or project coordinator think about Sarah. I won't pay for the info - but a beer and a hug might be in your future.

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