Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ethanol: Part II

It's interesting that someone from the ethanol industry, I assume this since they choose to be anonymous, responded to my earlier post. I am interested being I monitor blogs for my work and we are in the process of figuring out a social media policy for when to respond. I would argue that I would have liked to know who is responding, so I can go an research the group.

I still disagree with ethanol being pushed on Americans. It is a a process that expends a lot of energy to create something that is less efficient and you can't argue, using farmland that used to grow other grains and crops to corn causing worldwide increases in prices of those crops including wheat.

I know it is a bridge to the next technology that we will use to replace oil, which is an imperative, but I don't believe it is the panacea that some are saying.

What America really needs a change of attitude. We need to make some difficult choices. And conservation is a must. We need to curb our usage of energy. We can't continue on the same path. Some of it is very simple, others will require a little more discipline. But the stakes are high. How can we not act?

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Seiya said...

Tell that to the automobile industries who buy up the patents for any new, innovative way to make our cars more fuel efficent, last longer and drive better. For years, they buy the patents and sit on them, rather than build a car that may *gasp* last more than 10 years and run on a fraction of the gas we use now.

We have the technology already to start moving in a positive direction - they just don't want to use it.